Enjoy the financial upside or corporate ownership, the peace of mind of professional management and the benefits of group collaboration.

Employment Services

We have created a balance for entrepreneurs and independent contractors between incorporation and employment, and offer professional support with their administration and business activities.

C2 Members are both employees and shareholders, and can enjoy the benefits of both. This dynamic allows Members to earn the value from their contracts both through salary and by profit sharing as an owner. C2 gives its members the benefits and peace of mind of employment, plus the financial benefits of a larger organization.

C2 also provides an alternative to incorporation for those contractors currently running the risk of being assessed by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a Personal Services Business (PSB), and facing the resulting tax consequences.

Each C2 Member manages his or her own contract(s), and therefore maintains the direction over cash flow. Expenses are pooled to gain buying power and savings, but profits are distributed to each Member based upon the success of his or her own individual contract(s).

By working together as a group through C2, we can achieve greater value, and greater efficiency, than each of us can on our own.


How Your Membership WorksC2ES-MembershipStructure


Benefits of Membership

Members of C2 receive both the benefits of employment and the improved earnings of incorporation. Members can retain their contract income both as salary and as profit sharing, which results in greater cash flow efficiency.
Profits earned by C2 from placement fees, group savings or day rate charges are pooled and distributed periodically among all of Members in the group.
Access professional financial, tax and investment consultants and educators for to review your current activities and advise you moving forward.
C2 Members retain management control over their own contracts and ultimately decide salary, expenses and the resulting profit levels.


Membership Services

Members receive both Pre-Paid Services and have access to Preferential Group Services.

Pre-Paid Services

  • Business and investment review (Master Synopsis)
  • $3000 annual accounting and tax services
  • Group health plan access
  • Annual financial consultation
  • Annual insurance review
  • Expense management
  • GST management
  • Contract administration

Preferential Group Services

  • Job placement services
  • Low interest Member-dedicated financing
  • Business and tax consulting
  • Succession and estate planning
  • Finance and business education
  • Expense management
  • Financial planning
  • Life and auto insurance
  • Other group benefits


Membership and Fees

C2 Membership fees are a one-time set-up fee of $1000, plus $500 per month. There is no minimum term contract or penalties for cancellation. Fees are billed against contract income and are fully tax deductible.