Drive your core business with the knowledge you are structured to succeed.

Business Services

Long-term success in business is your goal. Our team helps ensure you are properly structured and adequately protected, that your taxation concerns are addressed, and your exit from business is designed to meet your family and business responsibilities.

Our services were designed to help you make easier and better decisions, while knowing you and your business are properly protected. You need that piece of mind both now and in the future.

What can you expect working with us? We take your concerns and goals for you, your family and your business under our full consideration. We give you the information you need to make well-informed decisions. Then, when you are ready, C2 will implement the necessary and appropriate services to carry out your decisions effectively and efficiently on your behalf.

Master Synopsis

This comprehensive report helps you be more successful in your business because the information you need to make sound decisions is available in one easy document. We review and provide you with structural recommendations regarding your business activities, income instruments, assets and liabilities held by both you and your company. It includes:

  • – A review of personal and corporate activities
  • – A risk management review of current structure
  • – An income optimization review of current structure
  • – Restructuring recommendations to address potential threats or opportunities
  • – A detailed report for steps to be taken in an proposed restructuring
  • – A detailed report and personal net worth statement
You must purchase the Master Synopsis prior to accessing any other services.

Our Other Services

This service is available to clients who have purchased our Master Synopsis.

A multi-disciplined review aimed at ensuring the corporate structure, insurance and finance matters are in good standing, and are current with your business needs and goals. Includes:

  • Minute Book Review
    • Identify any missing resolutions or filings
    • Review shareholdings and share structure
    • Review Unanimous Shareholders Agreement
    • Recommendations for updating the Minute Book
  • Financing Review
    • Review current financing arrangement and structure
    • Recommendations for potential re-financing or alternate strategies
  • Third Party Insurance Review
    • Inventory of existing coverage
    • Identify gaps or overlaps of existing coverage
    • Recommendations for a corporate insurance strategy

This service is available to clients who have purchased our master synopsis.

If your company (or companies) require restructuring, or if we have identified needs within your business that require specialized attention, C2 works together with the necessary professionals on your behalf to address your goals. 

This service is available to clients who have purchased our master synopsis.

A wide range of business experience and expertise is available to help identify your key strategic and business goals, and provide ongoing support in achieving these goals.

This service is available to clients who have purchased our master synopsis.

  • New incorporation
  • Minute book clean up
  • Third party insurance review


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